VPLP, the world leader in Multihull design keeps on developing and is now exporting its knowledge to Asia, cooperating with Hyundai Yachts a former division of the giant HYUNDAI Heavy industries.

In the photo (L-R) representing Hyundai Mr. Choi (sales and marketing manager), Mr. Do (CEO), Marc Van Peteghem (VPLP), Olivier Beaumelou (By VPLP) and Dong eun Kang (VPLP)

Words by Katrina Kelshall, VPLP’s pr.

VPLP were recently invited to Korea by Hyundai Yachts Division (a former subsidiary of Hyundai Heavy Industries) to explore business potential and synergies between the two companies. This familiarisation tour culminated in the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two companies

Hyundai Yachts is a well known and respected yacht and boat builder in Korea and also involved in the development of maritime related projects. They recognize a need for the expertise of VPLP Yacht Design in developing the pleasure craft market. VPLP and her recently launched sister company By VPLP, managed by Olivier Beaumelou, see this as an ideal base in the Asia Pacific region from which to launch into the local marine market as well as production of their designs for the global yacht market.

“We were very impressed by the scale of the operation in Korea” said Marc Van Peteghem “ the potential is evident although some streamlining and refinement needs to take place in order to produce the type of quality required to satisfy the demands of the elite yachting clientele.”

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two companies which agrees to explore and develop maritime related joint ventures specifically the design of a 40’ sail monohull, a 30’ power cat and a twelve passenger water taxi all be produced by Hyundai Yachts.

VPLP’s Dong eun Kang, who is originally from Korea but who has been with VPLP for three years spearheaded the trade mission.

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