After Cannes lets take a look at the Monaco Yacht Show which will take place in Monaco from the 23 rd to the 26 th of September. Who will be there ? (most of the information is already in the blog so click on the links to know more about each project).


Olivier and his team will introduce their latest designs including a 90 footer aluminium luxury catamaran “LA SELLA DEL DIAVOLO” which has just been launched in Italy and of course their eco-smart 100 foot CODE [E]. Olivier has developed within his design office a special research and development department to study the most innovative eco-friendly solutions for luxury sailboats.


JFA is actually building the largest all composite catamaran a 110 foot on VPLP drawings. I am really waiting to hear more about this beautiful catamaran but very little information is coming out of the shipyard.


The new SUNREEF 90 DD

SUNREEF is actually building a SUNREEF 102 DD which will be launched this winter and SUNREEF 114 which will be launched next January. To late for this year yacht show but hopefully we can see one of them for Monaco in 2010. SUNREEF will also introduced the new SUNREEF 90 Double Deck with an innovative mezzanine in the saloon and the breathtaking 150 by SUNREEF. I would really like SUNREEF to find a buyer for this concept which is really different from the other designs. If there is one place to find a rich and new design attracted client it is Monaco indeed.


The VPLP design office has created the largest sailing catamaran to date with DOUCE FRANCE a 138 footer and HEMISPHERE, the largest ever catamaran which is still at the DERECKTOR shipyard due to legal issues between the owner and the yard. Too bad, this catamaran was really expected. The design office has drawn many other project for very large catamaran which they will introduce during the show.
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