The new, awaited LAGOON 620, was lauched last month. It is a great looking cat specially from inside. Let’s have a look at the beautiful pictures by Nicolas Claris.

The LAGOON 620 is built with the infusion process. Lagoon has a lot of experience in this building technique. This should guarantee not only stiffness and quality but also a very reasonable weight to length ration and good sailing performance. The design is by famous VPLP, the designer of the Lagoon Range.The most amazing feature is the space on the boat both outside and inside. Outside, the flybridge is huge and hosts two steering stations for a better view on the sea, which is a first on a catamaran of that size (if I am not mistaken). You can relaxe on the fly, on the trampoline, in between the transoms, in the cockpit, or on the huge safo in the salon, so there are lots of places to get some privacy.
The interior is designed by famous multi-awarded designer studio couedel-hugon yacht design and it is a great success. The interior is very clear and uncluttered. Lots of light inside through the large French sliding window and the huges portholes. The kitchen is generous and fully equipped with a double access to the salon or directly on the transom which will be great for the crew to serve the guests. The LAGOON 620 is a great charter boat for a crew. The owner suite in the 3 cabins version is huge since it takes all of the starboard hull and has a private and direct access to the transom (like the kitchen on the other side). The beds are large, comfortable island beds.

The LAGOON 620 is available in a owners version with 3 or 4 cabins and in a charter version with 5.
The LAGOON 620 will be exibited at the September Boat Shows of Cannes, Southpamton, and the ISWA;

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