The young German Designer Maila Speitkamp was awarded the Young Designer of the Year Award at the World Superyacht Award Ceremony held by Boat International in London for her catamaran concept nammed DRACONIS. Congratulations.

DRACONIS, a 43.6 meter luxury catamaran, was designed to host 12 guests with 6 crews. This amazing design features high tech wing sails which completely fold on the boat while motoring. Though defined as a sailboat with good upwind performances, DRACONIS can transform into a power boat and provide the best of the two world to the owner or potential charterers. The sails have the shape of a bird wings.

The deck layout is quite different as on a regular catamaran since there is no mast in the middle the deck is kept on a single level uncluttered platform from on side to the over.

I am not suprised she got the award there are so many yet possible and well thought new features on this catamaran.

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