I found the pictures of HEMISPHERE mast in the news section of VPLP‘s website. The mast is 53 meter long and HEMISPHERE boosts a 44.2 m meters. She is the largest catamaran in the world and I thought production had stopped at DEREKTOR shipyard. I hope it is the sign the HEMISPHERE is still on the track and will be launched in a near future. We are all waiting for her.

Does any one of you have some news ?

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  1. Rob Bryan says:

    Aren't the mast or masts being built in France?

  2. luxurycat says:

    Yes brian the mast is built in France by lorima in lorient. I am supposed to go there by the end of the week and maybe I can got more information. would love to see hemisphere sailing for real. In fact my dream would be to do the sea trial for a yachting magazine.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guys- I just saw the vakas and 'frame' of the Hemisphere outside its dry-dock in Bridgeport CT/USA. I was driving by and nearly ran off the highway gawking. She is absolutely gigantic. Maybe I can get some photos if its still out of the tent over the next week.

  4. luxurycat says:

    I would be really great if you can do that, I am really looking forward to see the largest cruising cat in the world

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