Mega Yacht catamarans is offering for sale the Blue Coast range of luxury catamaran going from 78 to 208 foot. Designed by Jean Jacques Coste and built by Blue Coast, they will be present at the Cannes Boat Show (September 9 th to the 14 th). Their new website is online.

The managing team of Megayacht catamaran is made of up Andre Cosson who has been in the watesport and boating business for 30 years and has created a company Jet Set Personnal Service to cater to the need of influent yacht owners and Brian Jackson Pownall a certified yacht broker, with 35 years experience in the industry who also heads his own investment company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

One of the most interesting part of their blog (apart from the description of the range of course) is their Why invest in a mega yacht catamaran ?

Here are the answers which are quite interesting. Compared to same-sized motor yachts, our vessels offer:

  • Extreme energy and fuel efficiency
  • Choice of diesel-electric and hydrogen propulsion engines
  • More spacious live-aboard accommodations
  • Cutting edge design technology
  • High performance multihull and sail area
  • Fully customizable layout solutions
  • Shallow draft – easy access to coastal cruising
  • No rolling underway
  • No pitching at anchor at sea
  • Unsinkable design and lightweight construction
  • Extreme stability and inherent safety
  • Enduring, low-maintenance structural materials

The range of the Blue Coast catamaran is really large. I really look forward to see the first Blue Coast sailing and hope one of their very large project come true.

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