Just back from vacation. Two weeks to clean my brain and make more space available for forward thinking and plans for the future. Next post on the luxurycatamaran blog will be numbered 200, I am quite proud of that. I am sharing with those of you interested a short analysis of last year’s statistics.

From the August the 23 rd 2008 to today :

  • 43 562 visitors so an average of 118 a day
  • 29 589 uniques absolute visitors
  • 95 404 pages viewed with an average of 2,19 for each visitors.

First ten countries, as you can see the blog is very strong in the US and most of the countries with a yachting and catamaran culture.
The first 20 keywords, as you can see luxury catamaran and luxurycatamarans are the strongest since they appear in the title of the blog. Other popular are linking the word catamaran with price, mega, large, for sale, trawler.

The first 20 most seen pages, the first one is the home page, the levi designs comes first, this is not a suprise since I was the first to publish the news on the web and large blogs such as luxist embedded the information, then comes the lists of mega catamaran which I am updating two times a year (lists are very efficient web rankers).

The first ten search engines and incoming links, no big surprise there.

Please do not hesitate to comment or leave me a message at sebastien(dot)barthez(at)gmail(dot)com

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