The Ambercat 210 was the largest catamaran introduced at the La Rochelle Boat Show. I took of few pictures of her docked, very impressive look and was given a tour by Eric Lerouge the architect.

The Enmar shipyard which builds the Ambercat is located close to Riga in Latvia. The Ambercat 210 was designed to be a fast, easy to sail and strong catamaran. This first unit was launched in June 2009 and a second one is actually being built. Eric Lerouge started designing boats back to 1976 and scores more than 300 designs up to today, amongst them many fast sailing, blue water cruising catamarans. He is also fan of planes and is building his own Choucas. The first Ambercat 210 was designed for charter and offers a lot of space in the salon and on the deck with a large galley in the starboard hull. The comfortable and soft interior design is by Marex Birznieks and Linda Bogustoff.

The Ambercat 210 will be exhibited at the Atlantic Multihull Boat Show.

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