Let me introduce to you the Fast CAt 80, an 80 footer developed by Stephane Della for a private customer with drawings from Marc Lombard and a design by Franck Darnet.

This is one of the new luxury catamarans designs you will find in the December Issue of Multihulls World which is reviewing all the cats on the market and for which I wrote the large catamaran section.

Stephane Della is a yacht consultant who worked on such large catamaran project as the Nahema 120, the refit of Magic Cat, on large sailing and motor yachts refit projects as well as for America’s cup race teams (Alinghy and Areva). Marc Lombard has applied to the Fast Cat 80 the latest developments used for racing catamarans in terms of hulls and appendices shapes as well as a very light displacement. Should you need more information on this project, you can get directly in touch with me, by leaving a message on the blog. I will not publish the message if it is a private one.
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