First of all, happy new year to all of you. I hope you still enjoy as much reading this blog as I enjoy posting. I will try to keep it updated as much as I can this year, which will not be easy with the work load growing up a little bit more each year.

I still believe the future of sailing is in multihulls, thought I really like any kinds of boats (except the ones with weapons).

I would really welcome any comments, tips, advices from all of you to improve the blog. If you want to promote a luxury catamaran project, send me a comment and I will get in touch with you to post the information.

One of the goal of this year is to transfer the blog from blogger to wordpress with a more magazine style theme.

If you are a French reader you can check my new professional website at www.sebastienbarthez.com.

You can follow the luxury catamaran tweets at http://twitter.com/luxurycatamaran.

So have a good one… and stay tuned.

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