Today, the luxury catamaran blog is blowing 4 candles.
2010 the year of the big launches.

What amazes me with my blog is that the number of connections is still growing. Here is the chart for the last 4 years.

Thanks to all of you readers.
It has been quite hard the latest weeks to keep up with the blog for two reasons :
  • first, I am really busy with my PR activity
  • second, the information is harder and harder to find. New projects are less numerous than last year for example.
So please if you are in the industry, do not hesitate to send me your information.

This is paradoxical since this year will be the very big luxury catamaran year with the launching of 9 super catamarans over 90 feet :

HEMISPHERE, the 145 VPLP built at Derecktor and finished at Pendennis.
PROUT PT 138, a huge trimaran built in composite in China.
SUNREEF 114, the largest Sunreef built in Aluminium at the yard in Poland for the previous owner of the Sunreef 74 “CHE”.
SUNREEF 102 DD, a big year for the yard, which was scheduled to be launched in a couple of days, can’t wait to see the pictures.
VPLP 110, built at the JFA shipard in France on America’s Cup Winner VPLP drawings.
BLUE COAST 95, designed by Jean Jacques Coste and built by H2X for Megacatamaran due to be launched this summer and exhibited at the Cannes Boat Show.
GUNBOAT 90, built in South Africa by Gunboat and designed by Morelli and Melvin
YOUNG 90, built in Tunisia and actually being finished in Italy designed by Greg Young.

So stay tuned, send your comments and information, lots to be published by the end of the year.

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