I couldn’t find a lot of new designs lately directly searching in Google so I went to Yacht World and found the following new luxury catamaran projects.

Skye Cat 81

This luxury catamaran is designed by Robb Ladd Yacht Design and built by Skye Cat, it is sold by Annapolis based Dess Yacht and developed in conjunction with Noyce Yachts and will be delivered in 2011. The design of this one reminds me of the first SUNREEF.

Sea Boater 74

Thanks to Yacht world I was able to discover the sea boater large catamaran range which I didn’t know before. The range goes from 64 to to 116. The company is based in Huston (Texas) and is a brand of GM Union. Sea Boater has associated shipyards worldwide in Australia, Poland, the netherlands and croatia. In fact this yards are authorized shipyards and I couldn’t find the architect of the boats. Sea Boater yachts can be equipped with full solar panel !! The design of this one reminds me of the Matrix but with a more modern design.

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