I have already introduced to you the Curvelle range of motor catamarans (33 and 41 meters). is revealing the interior and deck layout of those very luxurious yachts design by London based Lila-Lou Design Studio.

Lila-Lou Design Studio is a London based design agency founded in 2005 with already some impressive accomplishments, including a 300 ft Lurssen Sailing Yacht. As you can see, they have managed to take full advantage of the large beam of the Curvelle,the living spaces are really wide. The contemporary styled interior is flooded with light thanks to large windows. Curvelle states in their brochure that the beam is on average 2 m wider than a monohull of the same length. As a result the living space, in and out, is 50 % larger and comparable to a 40-42 performance monohull. Which is quite interesting since most of the time shipyard tell you that it is larger but don’t give precise figures. The Curvelle 33×9 is available at a an introductory price of 8 million € or accessible at 1 million euro througth the Curvelle fractionnal ownershipyer program.
There is a movie of the Curvelle 33×9 displayed in Curvelle‘s website.

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