“CHE” is the younger brother of the first SUNREEF catamaran ever built also named “CHE”. The difference being that the new “CHE” is 114 feet long compared to 70 feet. It is much bigger as you can see in the pictures. “CHE” was christened over a big party with 200 guest at the yard in Poland.

Quite amazing as you can see in the pictures on the gallery, the size of the owner suite, of the galley, of the salon and the cockpit is really impressive. I was afraid “CHE” might look heavy in the water by it looks sleek and the spinnaker is great. A strange name and a strange logo for a multimillion euro yacht.

There is a panoramic view of the inside of “CHE” on Sunreef Yacht website.

“CHE” is now heading to the med. Francis and Nicolas Lapp of building large yacht is now becoming true. Congratulations.

I have alreday written a few post about CHE you can find here.

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