I recently interviewed Greg Young for the book “Catamarans, tomorrow’s superyachts” written by Gregor Tarjan which is being edited and will be published by the end of the year. Greg sent me some pictures and 3ds of his work. Let’s do a survey of Greg Young’s catamaran work. (Greg has also designed quite a few amazing monohulls).


“EARTHLING” is Greg’s first catamaran. This Young 57 was launched in 2000 and was designed to be fast, safe to sail and stunning to watch in every angle. It is amazing to watch “EARTHLING” sailing look at the video on the Young 57 . The Young 57 can host 8 guests in luxurious amenities and also take part to races.


The Young 85 was launched in 2004. It was created to be used as a day charter boat able to carry out a 100 passengers on the water, as safe and as fast as possible, with an attractive design. It was built by the famous Vaudrey Miller yard in Auckland. The Young 85 presents an innovative cockpit design with a protected area still open on the deck. Greg has developed this concept on the TAG 60 and TAG 80 as I have written in previous posts.


The Young 65 Charter Catamaran “HULA GIRL”, was built in Los Angeles at the Westerly Marine shipyard. The owners are really experienced sailors. Greg worked in a close relationship with the owners to create a great looking cat able to host 49 passengers out to enjoy the sea, with a lot of entertainment and relaxing space. “HULA GIRL”, as you would have guessed is based in Hawaï. Guests can board the boat thank sto a folding bow ladder, a nice feature in such sailing areas.


The Young 90, the largest to date, was launched in Tunisia and shipped to Italy to finish the interior fittings. The Young 90 is really a yacht catamaran with a lot of leaving space and a huge owner suite. The flybrigde hosts all the sails controls and winches as well as a bbq and a jacuzzi area.

– Architecture , Yacht Design and Graphic

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